Counterfeit Notice

Beware of counterfeits & infringing Chubby Gorilla Products!
Beware of fake distribution channels that are offering counterfeit, ingenuine and non-compliant Chubby Gorilla® products. These products infringe on our designs and may not be compliant to government agencies and most likely do not follow Chubby Gorilla® established standards.

Getting The Original 
Chubby Gorilla® has revolutionized and is leading through advance designs in packaging solutions. As a result more  Chubby Gorilla® counterfeit products are being offered throughout the world.

Chubby Gorilla® products are the preferred solutions for bottling liquids. All bottle designs are unique and have been patented around the world. Due to its success, Chubby Gorilla® products have been targeted and are the most counterfeited and infringed upon in the industry. Counterfeit Chubby Gorilla® products are cheaply made and may not be compliant to government agencies. Ensure you are buying Authentic Chubby Gorilla® products by contacting us directly or one of our Authorized Distributors. When you buy from Authorized Chubby Gorilla® distributors rest assure that you are purchasing authentic Chubby Gorilla® products.

Spotting Fakes 
Save time and money, and assure you are purchasing authentic Chubby Gorilla® products. Counterfeit Chubby Gorilla® products do not offer the quality and reliability they have come to be known for. Counterfeiters do not care about quality or repeat business therefore your business may suffer the consequences.

     How to spot fakes:
• Logo embossed in the wrong location
     • Logo not embossed on the bottom of the bottle.
     • Chubby Gorilla® text not embossed on the bottom of the bottle.
     • Gorilla logo misshaped or distorted.
     • Chubby Gorilla® website address not embossed inside the cap.

Suspicious or Bought Fake Products
If you are suspicious or if you have purchased a fake Chubby Gorilla® product, here’s what you can do:

     • Contact Chubby Gorilla® to verify and conform product authenticity.
     • Contact the seller and try return products for a full refund if the products are 
       not authentic.
     • Report the seller to the FBI or other law enforcement agencies.